Dohoon Kim金度勋


Dohoon Kim度勋

简介:197603月     籍贯:韩国   职称:(视觉传达设计)   学历:

主讲课程3D Animation, 3D Software Basics (Maya)

研究方向3D Animation


Work Experience

- Teaching Animation classes at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in Wuhan


-  Lead cinematic animator  at 2K Marin, Novato CA. Worked on multiple AAA titles such as                                       

    ‘Bioshock2’, ‘Bioshock Infinite’ and ‘The Bureau’ : XCOM Declassified.  

Responsible for creating cinematics from Pre-viz to final animation as well as in-Game  animation. April. 2009 – Oct. 2014

 Bioshock 2 DLC Pack Minerva’s Den – 2010 Best DLC Pack

   Bioshock Infinite – 2013 Video Game Awards Game of The Year

   Borderlands 2 – 2012 Video Game Awards Game of The Year

   The Bureau : X-com declassified

   The Bureau : X-com declassified DLC Pack.

  • Worked with the level and narrative teams to flesh out how to visualize story beats

  • Worked with actors and directed motion capture sessions

  • Iterated Pre-viz based on Director’s notes

  • Key-Framed final quality facial animation

- 3D Animator at Tippet Studio, Berkeley CA. Worked on live action movie ‘Cats and dogs’

Jan.09-April 09

Responsible for realistic quadruped creature animation for live action movie.

- 3D Animator at Digitrove, San Rafael CA. Worked on live action movie ‘Chaw’

April 08-Jan.09

Responsible for realistic quadruped creature animation for live action movie.

  • Worked closely with match-movers and compositors to pull out the best quality of animation based on Director’s notes.

- 3D Animator at Stormfront Studio, San Rafael CA. Worked on ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’

April 04-Nov. 07

Responsible for realistic in-game player animation.

  • Worked closely with animation programmers and designers to make responsive game play animations.

- Free lancer 3D animator.  June 03 - March 04

Responsible from human to creature as well as prop animation for games, TV-shows and live action movies.

Key Skill

- Extensive experience creating both key-frame animation as well as editing motion capture data.


- 3DS Max and Maya : Key-frame animation, Motion capture data editing, Modeling in nurbs              and polygons, Character setup and skinning.

- Adobe Photoshop : Pixel to Pixel and image based textures.

- Adobe Illustrator : Design layouts, Character sketch.

- After effect : Editing, Post-production compositing.


- HongIk University, Seoul Korea. Majored in Mechanical Engineering

- B.F.A  and M.F.A Computer Art with concentration on 3D Animation

~Academy of Art University, San Francisco CA

Classes Included :

Character Animation 1 with Pixar animator Stephen Gregory and Billy Merrit.

Character Animation 2 with Pixar animator Adam Burke and Mike Woo.

Character Animation 3 with Pixar animator Scott Clark and Adam Burke.

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